Timber Advantages

Today is needed to transform the direction of the building field towards sustainable growth, trying to please the real demands without concessions the future generation’s demands.

To carry out this objective, the wood and also their derivate items are one of the most ideal materials, as a result of the professional as well as environmental top qualities.

In addition to being an environmental material, the timber brings various other outstanding high qualities as high resistance, longevity, adaptability, flexibility … that make the wood items one of the most effective recommendations of the environments, decoration, building, product packaging in the 21st century

Some factors to select woods items are:


Resilient material. Because of the brand-new technical treatment in the wood products, the high quality and buildings of the products remain longer and simply with mere maintenance, is possible to recoup the initial properties.

Recyclable, recycle and also recoverable products. Hardwood is an eco-friendly product that comes directly from trees in sustainable forest administration.

As a result of the cellular structure, hardwood is an excellent thermal insulator, staying clear of abrupt changes in temperature levels, decreasing the demand of heating and cooling.

Keep the hygroscopic equilibrium with the atmosphere, because of its permeable structure.

Exceptional acoustic insulator, because of the chemical structure in lignin and also cellulose that take in a crucial power of acoustic waves, with the reduction of acoustic pollution and various other phenomena as an echo.

Timber is bound with efficiency energized. Timber items are really competitive due to the fact that the energy loss, mainly calorific, is very little compared to other materials, due to its porous framework full of air that becomes lumber in the best thermal and also acoustic insulator.

Besides the energized save that suppose making use of hardwood products, we have to think about likewise the save that mean the recycling of all the elements when end the item’s helpful life span.

Beneficial for health because wood items provide a subjective convenience.


Short time to hosting.

Structural security.

Much better resistance versus fire than other products due to the low thermal conductivity.

Environmental Benefits

Timber is the only product that reduces CO2 discharge, as play an essential duty to reduce Weather Change.
Wood needs less power in its production process, so has an ecological impact less than various other products in their life solution cycle.

Wood is a vital drain of CO2meanwhile the products maintain their life service cycle.

Wood is a natural resource, renewable, whose take in aid the regional sustainable administration of forests as well as environmental protection.

Lasting forestall monitoring, the wood sector could continue it activity in the future, also strengthening the feeling of social and environmental obligation.

Hardwood products make easier to execute the commitments of the Kyoto method.

Economical and also social

Furnishings as well as timber fields register 36.781 business and 212.900 employees.

Timber market is mainly established with SME

Making use of autochthonous wood, advertise the strength of the local market and also rural growth.